Disabling Dynamic Ticks

Here’s another post about disabling a Windows feature. The first question, why would you want to? Dynamic Ticks are a feature that lets windows stop the system timer when nothing is happening in order to conserve power. This is nice for portable and battery systems but can be a problem for desktops, especially since the tickless mode has been known to cause strange issues on some systems; especially when gaming or engaged in other media related tasks.

Fortunately, disabling Dynamic Ticks is a one step process. Open up an instance of Power Shell as an administrator and type in the following…

bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes

Then reboot. This setting is permanent until disabled with it’s opposite, simply replace “yes” with “no”. This feature doesn’t cause issues on every system, but it does cause issues on enough machines that it’s worth keeping the fix in mind.



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